Open Letter to My 2016 Elected Officials

President Elect Donald Trump US Senator Kama D. Harris US Representative Karen Bass CA State Assembly Member Sebastian Ridley-Thomas LA County Superior Court Judge Debra R. Archuleta LA County Superior Court Judge Efrain M. Aceves LA County Superior Court Judge Susan J. Townsend LA County Superior Court Judge Kin L. […]

Luke Cage Netflix

The much anticipated Luke Cage has arrived! I am so geeked I do not even know where to begin and this project is so personal, you will have to forgive my bias. Disclaimer spoilers in review. First of all Twitter has been ablaze leading up to the air date and […]

A Real Talk on Race 2016

What do you say when your “White” friend calls to ask “What is the deal with Black Lives Matter?” In “Black” culture there are sayings like “children are to be seen not heard; don’t talk back to adults; think before you speak.” Respect has circulated around a lot in media […]