Bottom Line – Tyrese you owe women a sincere apology!


Just to think this all started over dinner listening to a group of women tear down what they proudly called “#AintshitMen and said men are all stupid and will sleep with and marry damn near anything? Huh? I just feel the need to send a message to all of these “type” of ladies all races of ladies who just think Dudes are just STUPID??……. WE KNOW the difference in real hair and fake clips on’s we know eye lash extensions, we know fake hard titties pointing in 4 directions with your ribs showing in the middle? Why so much separation? We know when you got little chicken legs and it leads to and oversized #fake ass you guys are really starting to go TOO FAR with manufactured beauty – fake lips, skinny nose barely can even breathe through your own nostrils – Sitting across from you and you couldn’t even HIDE your weave tracks?? Come on……. IM NOT trying to be mean I’m just sending a message that US REAL MEN SEE THE BULLSHIT and IF He decide to rock with you it’s just cause they wanna get one off no one will EVER take you serious like that or really make that move……….. Cause you look like a manufactured clown – Some of you have convinced yourself that it’s OK cause of how many dudes be trying to get at you…… Please let me explain….. You got your temp fix and you will continue to “attract” men who ONLY want a temporary fix……. Shout to #TeamNatural #TeamSquats and #TeamTakeMeAsIAm – #TeamMatureEnoughToConsiderHarshTruth because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re lonely- know this… Hoes, sluts, tramps are never without a man… You’re single cause YOU have standard and know your actual value- I had to rip out a chapter from my New York Times best selling book #MANOLOGY to let y’all know us as MEN are much more aware and smarter than some of you think…… If your beauty has been purchased that’s fine…. own it, enjoy it…. Just know that us REAL ones out here see the REAL….

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As a woman I am deeply offended by the words Tyrese Gibson chose to use to express what he ultimately thinks about women through an Instagram post.  What I take away from what he has said is that he is weak and I liken him to Donald Trump and his misogynistic view of women.

You over hear a conversation amongst women who by your own account think men are “stupid and ain’t shit,” and you get caught up in your feelings more than likely because at some point in whatever you heard, you could actually identify with what they were saying because you at some point were precisely the kind of man that they were speaking about.  And without approaching the women with whom you  had a specific challenge with and express yourself in real time with as a man, you decide to publicly vomit on all women with verbal diarrhea like a coward.  Then to add further insult to injury you reference your book Manology in a shameless plug as if women at large will be moved to read more insights from you after reading this appalling post.  The essence of you hearing women call men at large stupid is to tear down the physical appearance of women – that is what weak men do when they cannot verbalize a retort. You do not provide the points that the women said in their critique of what made men stupid – you do not attack lack of intelligence in women through quantifiable examples, your argument is that men can tell a real breast from a saline breast or real eyelashes from a pair of Ardelle’s, or natural hair versus some low grade Remy hair extensions, as if these things are what quantifies intelligence – all of the things you list in your argument, the average man or woman can distinguish – so being able to tell the difference has nothing to do with intelligence or being smart.

My favorite line in this foolishness is “I am not trying to be mean,” newsflash that is exactly what you are being.  In the sixth grade at IS 308 in Brooklyn New York, when this girl Dianna came up to me and said she wanted to fight because “you think you pretty but,…” I decked her square in the nose, no I am a highly intelligent nerdy girl wearing thick ass glasses with D cup breasts and curvy hips and you think I am pretty and you want to fight so let me oblige you, cause I was not thinking about you until you walked over here talking bullshit to me.  That is exactly how I feel about this Instagram post.  I was not thinking about Tyrese until he said fighting words. Thankfully I have a platform to bring the battle.

In my book The Real Friday Jones, I talk about what it feels like to walk in my own skin. I talk about being molested at the age of six years old by my step father.  I talk about being about seven years old and having a nineteen year old uncle attempt to rape me.  At six or seven years old there was nothing provocative about my being other than I was a female child whose body parts, the same ones Tyrese talks so disparaging about were sufficient to sexually gratify grown men.  I talk about the horny toads of middle school that wanted to snap my bra because my breasts were large enough to rest on the lunch room table or the same boys that wanted to cop a feel of my ass in the name of tag.  I talk about going to the bodega and having salivating men’s eyes on me just because my body had curves at the age of ten. I talk about wearing clothing that was too big to hide my very beautiful body from the gaze of men in college because I was body conscious. And now this fool wants to praise natural beauty and bash what I call plastic babe’s.  I have been a natural beauty my entire life, and I have intimate knowledge of the predatory behaviors of men that make a natural beauty like me uncomfortable in her own skin.  As a man you do not have the right to say the very hurtful words that you said to any woman. And as a natural babe I support plastic babe’s 110%.

You continue on to tear down a woman’s worth and value by saying the time and money that she has invested into her body to be what she considers better or an improvement for her own self esteem which is not something that you as a man have any right to because it is her confidence and esteem as a woman –  is a temporary fix will continue to attract men that only want a temporary fix – how dare you!  I also talk in my book about Daddy’s Girl’s and how I envy them because they have grown up protected in this world, and they know how to be soft spoken and gentle and I do not consider myself to be that because the world has been unkind to me in my incarnation as a girl and a woman from a very early age, and at a very early age I learned not to speak up for myself and being direct and firm with my words is how I learned to protect myself and shield myself from men like you Tyrese.  Men that objectify women and young girls.

Music executives and musicians in particular helped to create the “video vixen.” The over exaggerated bodies that now adorn the pages of King and Maxim magazines no-one was looking for natural women, unless they were exotic looking and now this dude has the audacity to critique and judge women. Negroe please!

If you are about #TeamNatural #TeamSquats and #TeamTakeMeAsIAm then be about it and use positive words to build women up without tearing other women down.  Women have enough challenges in life without living up to what yet another man thinks is acceptable beauty or what is acceptable as a woman when he has no idea what it is like to be a woman.  I feel like women were very influential in the success of Tyrese from buying his albums to buying tickets to his movie and he owes the very women that ultimately paid for his lavish lifestyle a huge apology. Intelligence for me has always been sexy, being able to articulate your emotions as a man is sexy, parenting and being nurturing is highly attractive, being able to build together, save money and be financially sound are great qualities in a man.

I am a Queen.  To this day I am a natural beauty. And I have a fantastic King in my life.  And one of the main driver’s of why I love him is because he constantly lifts me up with his words. That is what a King does instinctively with little to no effort. Oprah gave you advice Kings are unafraid to fail – well you are failing women right now and you do not even realize it.  You have truly lost a fan for life because your insults are injurious leaving scars on the souls of women, those scars that no amount of plastic surgery can hide, the type of scar that burden’s a woman’s very existence. You are a disappointment Tyrese Gibson.



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